ElBarbary Investment Group (BIG) (BIGP.CA) - Release from FRA (SMEs Market)

Company Name : ElBarbary Investment Group (BIG)
ISIN Code : EGS551D1C017
Reuters Code : BIGP.CA
Content :
The Financial Supervisory Authority decided the following: -
1- Canceling all transactions executed in today's session on ElBarbary Investment Group ( BIG) shares
2- Suspension of trading on the shares of ElBarbary Investment Group ( BIG)until the Authority publishes a statement regarding the study of the fair value of the company’s shares
3- Postponing the trading of the right of subscription until the Authority reviews the fair value study of the company's shares prepared for the purpose of increasing the capital, and the independent financial advisor discusses it.
With the cancellation of all offers and requests registered on the security
Adjusting the opening price of the 11/7-2021 session to 0.132 pounds per share