Code of Ethics

We B.I.G – El Barbary Investment Group Team, are committed to endorsing the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct, as we are convinced that our business success stems from being the best option for our stakeholders, and therefore, we endeavor to develop and implement strategies that ensure that our leadership generates value for our customers, investors, employees, suppliers and communities. We know that our continuous focus on effective service and competitiveness is fundamental to achieving our mission. We believe that by acting with integrity, our employees give us a competitive advantage. We build lasting ties of trust and mutual benefit in all our interactions by doing business honestly, responsibly and respectfully. We encourage clear and direct communication because we recognize that diverse backgrounds and opinions are enriching.  We agree to comply with both the spirit and the letter of this Code and to apply its principles in making decisions and in conducting our day-to-day business.  We are convinced that collaboration optimizes our decision-making and helps us to achieve better results. We affirm our professionalism by keeping ourselves up to date, communicating effectively and working in teams to share our efforts and knowledge. We proactively seek ways to satisfy the needs and expectations of our stakeholders by being innovative, striving for continuous self-improvement, adjusting to change to the best of our ability.

We Pledge to:

  • Accept responsibility in making professional decisions that safeguard public safety, health and welfare and to disclose potential hazards without delay.
  • Avoid harming or injuring others, their property, reputation or employment through deceitful or malicious action and act to the best of our ability in order to undo or reduce the negative effects of any unintentional harm.
  • Avoid all personal or business activities, including those of immediate family members that could conflict with the interests of B.I.G – El Barbary Investment Group or its customers;
  • Follow transparent measures in making statements or estimates or giving professional advice based on the information in hand.
  • Respect contracts, agreements and job responsibilities.
  • Serve customers conscientiously and ensure that the services we provide represent a fair value for customers.
  • Perform our business in an environmentally responsible, safe and sustainable manner and in compliance with applicable Egyptian and International quality, health and safety standards.
  • Accept and give sincere and constructive criticism, keenly admit errors and take appropriate and prompt counteractive action.
  •  Upgrade employment conditions that protect the rights and welfare of all B.I.G – El Barbary Investment Group employees.
  • Treat all people fairly and respectfully regardless of religion, ethnic origin, race, gender, age, disability or political orientation.
  • Eliminate the idea of offering or accepting bribes, gifts, personal commissions or other inducements leading to unfair or preferential treatment.
  • Respect and protect property rights.
  • Give proper credit for the ideas, contributions and efforts of others;
  • Respect confidentiality and respect the privacy of others by preventing disclosure of individual or business data collected in the course of our dealings with customers and other stakeholders except if authorized by them or required by law.
  • Practice fair and honorable competition and support participation in professional or industry associations.
  • Promote sustainable development in all our activities.

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