Acquisition Criteria

B.I.G – Barbary Investment Group:

  • Seeks manufacturers and market leaders of high value-added.
  • Acquires companies with growth potential in revenue and or profits.
  • Supports businesses to realize functional excellence through best-in-class strategic, operational, commercial and financial practices.
  • Has the flexibility to invest in both major and minor situations.
  • Prefers companies that are niche-oriented market leaders with a great market position.

B.I.G – Barbary Investment Group management is decentralized, as we will only acquire businesses which have strong management teams in place. We expect management of each operating company to behave as the emotional owners of that business and we have longer term financial incentives designed to encourage continued growth of the business.

We strive for outstanding operating financial performance that can be built upon. We also expect that any acquired business will generate significant real growth over time. We allow no ‘synergies’ and we do not purchase turn-around situations.

A rigorous due diligence process, covering finance, potential for growth, management and operational functions will all be applied to acquisitions.

For further info about B.I.G – Barbary Investment Group’s acquisition policies, you are welcome to contact us or submit your company information.


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