Nilex Stock Exchange

The Nilex is the Egyptian Stock Exchange for SMEs. Enterprises admitted in the Nilex range from medium to small sized businesses and include businesses from any industry sector and from any country.The Nilex has streamlined the admissions process to ensure the highest degree of transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency.By providing an appropriate, secure, and flexible regulatory framework to both companies and investors, the Nilex has secured a number of benefits for both. The Nilex offers companies the benefits of being traded, which include a clear access to capital, as well as visibility to reach a wider investment community.

Benefits for Issuers:

Listing on the Nilex has numerous advantages for the SMEs.  Businesses have access to long-term capital for the expansion and diversification of their activities. The businesses are assessed and undergo a fair valuation. The corporate image of the businesses listed on the Nilex inspires trust and confidence to the suppliers, customers, banks, and other stakeholders.  The businesses are assisted in merger and acquisition transactions to create and promote competition.

Benefits for Investors

The Nilex provides investors with opportunities to diversify their portfolio and invest in companies with high growth potential. The Nilex also safeguards the rights of investors and enables shareholders to phase out from the companies when desired.

Benefits for the Economy

In addition to the benefits for the issuers and investors, the Nilex supports promising sectors in the economy suffering from finance obstacles or lack of funding. By increasing the visibility of the companies to a wider investment community, the Nilex attracts domestic and foreign investments to those fast growing companies. The Nilex rejuvenates the economy by promoting the concept of entrepreneurship and enabling job creation. Furthermore, it provides an exit strategy to venture capital funds.

The following are the listed companies on the Nilex Stock Exchange

Company Name
Reuters Code
El Bader Plastic EBDP.CA EGS3A2Z1C015
El-Barbary Investment Group BIGP.CA EGS551D1C017
Masria Card MSRC.CA EGS3A2Y1C016
Ameco Medical Industries AMEC.CA EGS3I0W1C013
International Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals ICFC.CA EGS520D1C015
AL Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination AMPI.CA EGS745W1C011
Al Oroba trading mining and supplying AOTM.CA EGS100D1C013
Misr Kuwait Investment & Trading Co MKIT.CA EGS659O1C015
Pharaoh Tech for Control and Communication Systems PTCC.CA EGS49131C013
Ferchem Misr Co. for Fertilizers & Chemicals FERC.CA EGS385S1C012
Misr Intercontinental for Granite & Marble (Egy-Ston) MISR.CA EGS3C4P1C011
Univert Food Industries UNFO.CA EGS513B1C016
Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya For Holding Investment MAAL.CA EGS739Z1C016
Port Saied for Agricultural Development And Construction PSAD.CA EGS521T1C016
Jannat for Animal Production JAAB.CA EGS02281C011
International Business Corporation For Trading and Agencies – IBC IBCT.CA EGS550K1C019
Egyptian Modern Education Systems MOED.CA EGS729F1C012
International Company For medical Industries – ICMI ICMI.CA EGS3I0S1C019
Al Fanar Contracting Construction Trade Import And Export Co FNAR.CA EGS221U1C016


You can view the daily nilex stock exchange quotes and volume on the  nilex stock exchange quote page, which includes the daliy volume and the stock price of the companies listed on the Nilex Stock Exchange quote page

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